BETALYN® cardio is a unique ingredient obtained from water extraction of Beta vulgaris (Beta Vulgaris Var. Rubra) rich in betains and betalains.

BETALYN® cardio has shown to:

  • improve muscle efficiency
  • help recovery after sports
  • reduce lung oxygen uptake (VO2) during exercise
  • positively affects cardiorespiratory performance

BETALYN® cardio is available with the following standardization:

≥ 10,0% (HPLC) BETAINE
≥   2,0% (HPLC) BETALAINS 

Specific standardization can be evaluated on client request.








Betaine could:
- “improve heart health and vascular system”
- “contributes to normal homocysteine metabolism”


Based on scientific evidence, in vitro and in vivo, BETALYN® betalains and betaine are effective in the treatment and maintenance of vascular homeostasis



Vascular homeostasis refers to the body's ability to maintain a stable and balanced environment within the blood vessels (vascular system). It involves the regulation of various physiological factors to ensure that blood vessels function optimally and support overall health. Vascular homeostasis is essential because the circulatory system is responsible for delivering oxygen, nutrients, and hormones to tissues and organs while removing waste products.

Vascular Homeostasis
Antioxydant potency

Betalains are natural pigments that not only give beetroots their distinctive hue but also serve as powerful antioxidants. They help combat oxidative stress, making them a valuable addition to any supplement regimen focused on promoting overall well-being. From supporting heart health to reducing inflammation, Betalains have a lot to offer.



BETALYN® is extracted from the rubra variety of beets (Beta Vulgaris Var. Rubra), currently cultivated in Lombardy (flatlands of northern Italy).

Beetroot is loaded with betalains, antioxidants which give it its distinctive color, and betaine, known for their roles in osmoregulation, methylation processes, and potential health benefits, particularly in liver health and exercise performance. 

Incorporating beetroot into a diet, whether raw, cooked, as a juice or a supplement can be a nutritious way to enjoy these health benefits. 


  • Because it is a genuine beet root exclusively cultivated in Italy under FLANAT's directives

  • It is GMO free

  • All parts of the plant are used strictly following the Life Cycle Thinking approach 

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