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  • flavoenol®

    Flavoenol® is the dry extract of grape seeds (Vitis vinifera L.) standardized in flavonoids

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  • moradyn®

    Moradyn®: GMO free Purple Corn, Cultivated in Italy

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  • panaxolyde®

    Panaxolyde® is the dry extract of ginseng (Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer) standardized in polysaccharides

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  • Bitter masking

    Beside all the proven health benefits, Phloretin have shown a strong masking effects towards different bitter compounds such as caffeine, salicin and quinine. 

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  • senza®

    senza® botanical extracts are specially designed for applications where no solvents than water are required.

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  • dorana naturae®

    Dorana naturae brand collects years of experience in botanicals.

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botanical ingredients

We made an important stand in providing a wide range of
high quality botanical ingredients
produced following our strict manufacturing specifications and
quality control procedures:

4 sourcing continents

260 different drugs processed

945 SKUs of botanical extracts

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Our Mission

Look forward over the horizon.

We, at FlaNat, do believe that the basics to manufacture really innovative products are always based on unique ideas focused on the real capacity of imagination and fantasy, intended as the strength to look ahead and to the future.


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