This small evergreen shrub grows in the Yucatan, but is also found in Caribbean, Brazil, Texas and Central America. It is widely known with different names Barbados cherry, Wild Indian cherry. The fruit of the plant is bright red color, with flavor ranging from tart to sour.  Acerola belongs to the fruit variety with higher Vitamin C content.

Vitamin C in Acerola is one of the beneficial antioxidant that may provide protection against heart disease and cancer. Vitamin C can protect LDL cholesterol from oxidation and can also block the formation of nitosamines, cancer causing chemicals.

Acerola is a good source of Vitamin C and beta-carotene that fights against acne[1] and improves eyesight.[2] Besides Vitamin C Acerola cherry contains high levels of Vitamin A, folate and minerals: potassium regulates blood pressure and heart function, potassium can even elevate mood. Calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium it serve to maintain proper metabolism in the body. The copper content in the fruit facilitates the absorption of iron by the body.

Folate is essential for making new cells, protecting against heart disease and for protecting babies against mental retardation and mental diseases.

For diabetic, high blood sugar levels can be very dangerous so anything that can bring them down into normal. Acerola berry extract can help do that.[3]

Acerola berries are one of the richest natural sources of vitamin C, which such be applicate into food supplements, addition to yogurt or smoothie recipes and jams, great ingredient for cosmetic.

Vitamin C is very important  and necessary for the formation and for the proper maintenance of the collagen. Collagen is an essential necessity and it the primary protein used in the skin and in all the connective tissue for the functioning of healthy liver and normal functions in the adrenal gland at all times.[4][5] Acerola berries help skin discoloration problem. It can lighten brown spots such as those caused by melasma.[6]

Some other health benefit of Acerola cherries they help in relieve sore throat, fever, constipation, scurvy, diarrhea and liver disorders.

These claims' axes are obviously given as an indication. Please note that the plant effect greatly depends on the amount implemented in the product. From a regulatory point of view, all claims appended on the labeling of all dietary supplements must be justified by pertinent bibliographical data file according to Regulation 1924/2006/EC.



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