MORADYN®:Cornmeal mush to fight the winter-cold.

HeaderNews Moradyn Polenta
Moradyn kernel flour has been tested with validated UV method to determine a content of 0.1% anthocyanins.

GSE Adulteration: do consumers know?

HPTLC GSE vs Peanuts
A known adulterant of Grape Seed Extract is the Peanut skin extract, composed principally of A-type PACs ...

PANAXOLYDE®: A better way to boost your gut health

Ginseng Berries width=
The list of ginseng positive properties has been further enriched considering ginseng action on gut functionality and wellness.


Green Fashion Project


MORADYN®: it’s time to seed!

Italian Purple Corn
Within two weeks all seeds will be planted.

Asparagus racemosus: a female health tonic

Asparagus Racemosus Roots
“Shatavari” is a medicinal plant mainly known as a female reproductive tonic for its phytoestrogenic properties.

Nutricosmetics: feed your beauty!

Nutricosmetics improve skin, hair and nails beauty from the inside of the organism.


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