Story Moradyn Polenta
Moradyn®: Cornmeal mush to fight the winter-cold.
When we decided to use a stylized purple ear as our trademark, we had clearly in mind that the Moradyn project was driving us beyond our imagination. The story of how our characteristic maize variety have been developed is long and fascinating as you are probably already aware of. (Download article here)
Working on our maize selection to offer a much more anthocyanin richer corn cob, to improve our extraction process and reduce the production costs, we do not forget that other parts of the corn ear could be successfully used: corn kernel, corn silk and corn leaves can be another powerful source of anthocyanins.
Not only the corn cob extract
Corn Kernels have been separated from the cob, dried to 15% humidity, cleaned and stone grinded to obtain a soft and functional flour to cook bread, tortillas or the famous Italian "polenta", a thick mush of cornmeal normally served as an hot porridge to accompany gravy dishes or soft cheese like gorgonzola.
Stone Mill
Moradyn kernel flour has been tested with validated Spectrophotometric method to determine a content of 0.1% anthocyanins. The source of anti-oxidant has been also tested after one hour of cooking with a very limited loss in content (standard recipe uses 2 liter of water with 500g of flour) making Moradyn flour an anthocyanin rich ingredient to prepare functional foods.
What's next
While we are enjoying a nice hot "polenta" dish, further analysis to define purple flour nutritional values are beeing performed. Moreover, our lab is also considering new in-vitro tests to deeply investigate anthocyanins effects on glucose metabolism.

Moradyn® is a GMO free corn variety entirely cultivated in the North of Italy.


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