Naturha Project
  Naturha project- Natural Activies & Technologies Under Research for Healthy Aging- has been funded by Regione Lombardia POR FESR 2014-2020 Asse I Action I.1.b.1.3 as part of Support for collaborative R&D activities fordevelopment of new sustainable technologies, new products and services.
  The Project objective is the production of new ingredients selected from waste vegetable matrices which, in combination with probiotics, could improve the nutritional status and the well-being of elderly consumers who have dysmetabolism related to intestinal absorption and an no efficacy immune response. The R&D activities were carried out on various agricultural waste and by-products of the food chain allowing to:
Food supplements from waste plant matrix combined with probiotics for a benefic effect on elderly’s immune system.
Development of new active symbiotic formulation aiming to healthy aging
check Synergy of ecosustainable plant extracts combined with selected probiotic strains
check Designed to improve the immune system & metabolic disorders through a healthier gut microbioma
  FlaNat contributed by developing Proprietary Extraction technology on selected vegetal matrix, testing free organic solvent extraction procedures in order to reduce the production of special vegetable waste to be disposed after the extraction process.
  Network of SMEs and universities located in Lombardy (Italy)
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