senza® is a new line of botanical extracts specially designed for those applications where absolutely no solvents than water are required. the name comes from the Italian "senza", that means without, without chemical solvents.

It is our commitment to continue to improve our "clean" technology" to develop new extracts and new active compounds extracted, where possible, only with water.

Senza®, water only soluble extracts, actually includes:

Anise seed soluble DER 4:1
Artichoke leaf soluble DER 4:1
Chamomile flower soluble DER 4:1
Dog Rose fruit soluble DER 4:1
Fennel seed soluble DER 4:1
Lemonbalm leaf soluble DER 4:1
Licorice root soluble DER 4:1
Peppermint leaf soluble DER 4:1
Roselle flower soluble DER 4:1


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