Moradyn® Purple corn
  Moradyn® is an active plant ingredient characterized by a specific phytocomplex that contribute to normalize the blood sugar levels.(I) Color of extract is an intense dark purple, due to the high content of anthocyanins.


check Unique standardized extract obtained from the fruit of proprietary purple variety of mais (Zea Mays L.) entirely cultivated in Italy
check Synergic action of bioactive compounds
check Mechanism of action identified “in vitro”
check Dark purple powder for use in nutritional supplements
check Compliant with main worldwide markets food regulations
check Suggested dosage:  500 mg a day


Digestive System




Moradyn® bioactive compounds contribute to the blood sugar levels normalization through enzymatic activity on α-glucosidase, one of the key enzyme involved, in the intestinal lumen, to the carbohydrate digestion and absorption. (II)

These compounds are able to prevent the main metabolic syndrome risk factors such as obesity, insulin resistance, dysmetabolism and hypertension thanks to the inhibition of the formation of the Advanced Glycation end-products (AGEs) which are physiologically accumulated during aging (III,IV).


In vitro antiglycative activity was evaluated by incubated glucose in absence/presence of extract at different concentration for 28 days.(VI)

These results have been obtained using aminoguanidine as control reference and show Moradyn® extract inhibitory capacity at all tested concentrations.

In vitro hypoglycemic activity was evaluated by incubating the α-glucosidase enzyme in presence of extract at different concentrations.(VII)

These results have been obtained using acarbose as control reference and demonstrated Moradyn® extract capacity to inhibit α-glucosidase enzyme.



check 0,2% (HPLC w/w) of α-glucosidase inhibiting activity (Chemical)
check 10% (UV-vis) of phenols with anti-glycative activity
check 3% (UV-vis) of α-glucosidase inhibiting activity (Enzymatic)



Cyanidin 3 O glucoside


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