Who We Are


FLANAT Research has been operating in Italy for over a decade and, thanks to its experience in botanicals, it presents itself as a “Solution Provider” with the identification and development of innovative raw materials and active ingredients of botanical origin. Our “seed to shelf” strategy is a total guarantee of control to the entire production chain from cultivation to production of ingredients to be used for supplements, cosmetic and veterinary products.


Quality and safety of our ingredients is guaranteed by a scientific research activity which begins with the selection and nutritional improvement of the identified botanical variety. Research and Development is the focus of the characterization of the selected ingredients selected for the development of rigorous protocols aimed at pre-clinical and clinical studies. R&D laboratory is constantly implemented, thanks to the on going technological investments. FLANAT is actively part of a National and International network of partners that get continuous updates with the latest research and scientific knowledge that places the well-being of consumers and their health needs at the center of our projects. Our idea of scientific research is aimed to the development of projects that lead to the quantitative improvement and enhancement of botanical ingredients. Thanks to the active participation in research and innovation projects and HUBs, FLANAT Research has expanded its specialization in the design and development of new ingredients.


With the Moradyn project, which started in 2017, we have embarked on an eco-friendly approach that involves the enhancement of by-products of the agro- food industry, commonly not used, with the aim of reducing the impact on the environment and the costs associated with disposal. The development of a pro- prietary variety of pigmented corn, rich in anthocyanins, has allowed FLANAT to use the fruit to make an extract, isolated by a low environmental impact ex- traction method, characterized by an exclusive and active phytocomplex in the normalization of sugar metabolism (MORADYN®). From the depleted cob a natural dye was developed for the dyeing of natural fibers of protein origin (Pastel Project funded by the CARIPLO Foundation).

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