BRIEF project- New bioactive compounds from agri-food plant matrices, their extraction and stabilization and verification of functional properties to meet the new needs of the consumer – has been funded by Regione Lombardia POR FESR 2014-2020. The project started in May 2020 and is meant to end in April 2021.


The project is focused on the reconversion of the traditional Beetroot market and the enhancement of the raw material for the development of functional ingredients with health benefits with particular attention to the circular bioeconomy, sustainable development and the low environmental impact of the entire process.


done_outline The selection of specific variety of Beta Vulgaris based on peculiar needs of the plant for cultivation.
done_outline The set-up of extraction methods for the taproot and the leaves of Beta vulgaris, innovative raw materials with health benefits.
done_outline The identification of bioactive compounds like nitrates and betalains with benefits on vascular homeostasis.
done_outline The valuation of prebiotic activity of the taproot thanks to fiber content.
done_outline Industrial reconversion of the traditional beet-sugar chain by supporting agriculture and the Lombard territory and enhancing local agri-food companies.




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