With a strong commitment in improving quality assurance and extraction methodologies, we, at FlaNat Research, are continuously investing in research and innovation to obtain plant extracts with the unique characteristics that mother nature is always able to provide.

Global Presence

With direct presence in India, Brazil and China, FlaNat Research is able to offer a full range of products with the "right" quality. Our personnel in field can provide direct control from the raw material to the finished extract assuring the maximum quality control and product specifications compliance.

Innovation and Research

Continuous Research and Development, in co-operation with major european and world-wide universities, is the base of our business. Our offer does not include only standardized extracts but also support to formulate finished products and development of new products: because what we know is never enough of what the nature can offer us. Special methodologies of analysis have been developed with European University researchers in order to be constantly updated with the latest plants activities and extraction processes..


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