With a strong commitment in improving quality assurance and extraction methodologies, we, at FlaNat Research, are continuously investing in research and innovation to obtain plant extracts with the unique characteristics that mother nature is always able to provide.
Continuous Research and Development, in co-operation with major european and world-wide universities, is the base of our business. Our offer does not include only standardized extracts but also support to formulate finished products and development of new products: because what we know is never enough of what the nature can offer us. Special methodologies of analysis have been developed with European University researchers in order to be constantly updated with the latest plants activities and extraction processes.
Development low environmental impact products for the beauty fashion chain
  FlaNat Research is involved in setting up protocols for solvent free - organic extraction of corn cobs in order to reduce vegetable waste to be disposed after the extraction process. Biomass conservation and pretreatment for subsequent extraction.
 Fesr Dicitura Colore 600
Food supplements from waste plant matrix combined with probiotics for a benefic effect on elderly’s immune system.
  Evaluate extraction yields with FlaNat Research proprietary Extraction technology on selected vegetal matrix, testing free organic solvent extraction procedures in order to reduce the production of special vegetable waste to be disposed after the extraction process.
 Fesr Dicitura Colore 600
Production of new functional ingredients that can improve the nutritional status and well-being of the elderly
  FlaNat Research will bioprospecting a new variety of purple corn, cultivated in Italy, and all its waste matrix from agro-industry process. Organic organic solvents free extraction protocols will be used and compared: PEF (Pulsed Electric Fields) - molecular resonance (increased mobility) – water solvent (adaptive waters) - Micro and Ultra-filtration. The waste matrix will be processed using Biotechnology such microorganisms that convert biomass into phyto-compositions-Enzymes to facilitate the extraction of the plant matrix.
 Fesr Dicitura Colore 600
Functional ingredients from vegetable matrices obtained from processing waste of purple corn to beneficial effect on the glucidic and lipid metabolism.
  The activity in support of the glucidic and lipid metabolism of purple corn extract will be investigated by the University of Pavia analyzing the expression of markers involved in glucose metabolism and the gene expression profile of pro-inflammatory markers. Such analysis will be carried out using both enzymatic assays and in vitro tests on specific cell lines.
 Fesr Dicitura Colore 600
Develop a BIO-BASED MODEL to replace synthetic dyeing materials and mordants by using specific pigmented wastes coming from corn cobs as sources of anthocyanins and tannins for textile production.
  FlaNat Research will implement pre-industrial scale testing equipment, in order to evaluate the economic feasibility of large-scale extraction of pigments from pigmented cob pre-treated fermented extract.
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