Nowadays economy is often associated with natural resources consumption and significant impact on environment and climate both, outstripping nature’s capacity to regenerate. The same applies to the impact of waste, pollutants and emissions on the environment and ecosystems.

Our main commitment is to pursue the highest product quality in a context of eco-sustainability perspective. For this reason we have decided to take up the challenge of opening a new frontier in the field of plant extracts, looking at people wellness and nature simultaneously. We are hardly working to finalize our proprietary water extraction technology, which will allow us to maintain our remarkable quality standards without affecting the environment.  Prototype tests have been already shown that this technology can provide better performances than simple water extraction, providing in less time a larger metabolite concentration outputs.

The value of this innovation has been recognized with access to public funding by Lombardy Region and European Community, POR-FESR Horizon 2020, who granted part of the investment on three different projects aimed to develop new healthy functional foods from agricultural by-product extracts.

Looking to all the efforts we are committed now, we felt the need to communicate which path FlaNat were following and it came spontaneously to add something to our name to reflect it. We then liked FlaNat Research.


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